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Our Services:
Tax Preparation for Individuals
& Businesses of all sizes.
  • Rendering monthly statements of receipts, expenses and charges in a concise reporting format, including an end of the year 1099 for tax purposes.
  • Thorough screening of prospective tenants to ensure that each tenant is a good credit risk.
  • Advertising rental availability through local newspapers, the Internet (more than 20 real estate websites) and the display of “for rent” or “for sale” signs.
  • Collecting and recovering rents due and terminating tenancies. Supervising the remodeling of premises and making repairs.
  • Overseeing all employees required for successful property maintenance.
  • Securing contracts for utilities, telephone, window cleaning, ash, rubbish, and other services.
  • Paying mortgage and other monthly bills; securing fire insurance, and/or other required insurance. Properties, Inc. to manage and operate your investment property, your investments receives top quality professional services and advice.
  • Developing a financial strategy and working budget, examining past and current trends of cash flow and administrative needs.
  • Formulating a stringent preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Providing on-site weekly inspections and “on-call” availability during weekends and evenings.
  • Reviewing all existing contracts, and conducting new negotiations when appropriate.
You need an accounting professional with the benefits of a reputable and resourceful firm, with Real Estate, real life experiences.  The services you require could be anything from a simple tax return to a complicated estate plan or basic bookkeeping to a business/property appraisal.  Whatever your needs are, it is important to know that you have someone who pays attention to your unique circumstances. At Apex 1 Consulting we want to understand you, your company.   One of the best ways that we can demonstrate this is through the questions that we ask.  It's not our business to simply get the essentials.  What we want to do is listen and understand the whole picture.  That is how we can provide you with the best value and most complete package of services. Our practice is structured with a focus on specific services and industries.  By keeping our finger on the pulse of what is happening in these areas, we bring you the support, information and products that will benefit you the most.

Our practice includes the following service areas: Accounting, Auditing, Business Valuation, Construction, Enterprise Risk Management, Estate and Trust Planning, Financial, Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support, Healthcare Advisory, Individual and Business Tax Consulting, International Consulting and Tax Planning, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Real Estate Support, and Retirement Plan Consulting and Administration.
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance.
Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.
As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
After many years of Professionals advising me that my experience is rare, to find a professional who is Gifted in Financial Management, have Marketing ability, and Property Management with personality (a real team player and trainer), that they want me to be the Real Estate Guru of the Accounting Team, I decided to put that all together and join my husbands extensive Construction Experience to benefit Investors and Business Owners in Florida.
OUR TEAM - comprised of a CPA, Tax Preparer, Staff Accountant, CAM, Realtor, IT Networking Professional,  General Contractor, and Licensed Roofing Consultant brings many years experience to increase your bottom line. 
Let us prove our value to you today ! 


Offices in: Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, Florida


Offices in: Northglenn and Pueblo, Colorado


Mon - Fri: 9 AM - 7 PM
Sat: 10 AM - 2 PM
Sun: Closed (On-site leasing and management as needed)
On Call services for Property Management provided as needed
Other Services:
  • Review of Physical Condition of Property
  • Budgeting
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Construction / TI Coordination
  • New Tenant Move-In Coordination
  • Customer Relations / Lease Administration
  • Lender Relations
  • Quality Assurance Program
  • Redefine and/or Renegotiate Service Contracts
  • Develop and Implement Roof Maintenance Program
  • Identify and Implement an Energy Conservation Program
  • Distressed Properties / Receiverships
  • CAM Reconciliation and Tenant Billings
  • Financial Package Preparation
  • Accounting Financial Reporting
  • Preventative Maintenance Program
  • Sustainability Initiatives
Examples of some of our Recent Projects with our Accomplishments:
1)   Condo Association Turnaround
Financial Management Systems created by Tammy took this Saint Petersburg Association from $ 1400 in the bank in January 2011, to $ 170,000 by July 2011. 
Reduced the budget by $ 303,406 from previous accountants approved budget. 
Saved the Condo Owners $ 270,000 in special assessments planned for 2011. 
Brought in Construction Consultant for corrections to Reserve useful life and costs.
Reduced General Maintenance Cost and Employee Tax costs immediately.
Corrected Fixed Assets Reporting and Upgraded Tops systems to 4.0.
Reduced Foreclosure bad debt from $ 292,000 to $ 164, 000 in 6 months and still working.
Acquiring many units sitting vacant for last couple years for Association Assets.
Management of Rehab and Rentals creating new cash flow for Association.
Negotiating settlements beyond expectations & getting new paying owners in units.
Upgrading the property to increase value's even in this economic crunch time.
Reducing Attorney fees and taking action on non-moving processes of collections.
Increasing cash flow through aggressive collection efforts and processes.
Training Employees on new systems of processes created for Association.
Research and Reporting of all options to Association.
Reporting to Board at meetings and encouraging involvement of Community.
2)   Investor save, turnaround after con-artist lead bad decisions
Investors moved their traditional IRA to Entrust for a Self Directed IRA.  They had been losing money in the stock market for a while now, so they came up with a plan to move that money to a self - directed IRA and become real estate investors.  They started going to meetings and work shops and did the Rich Dad Poor Dad program. 
Then they met con-artists at a meeting, not knowing at the time and sparing the details, here's a bottom line.
They end up purchasing eight properties for this so called working partner where they gave cash out at closing and became the bank for a loan to purchase with property rehab costs included.  This guy was his own general contractor, not licensed but sold you like he was.
Most properties were not in a desirable location.  After six months of no payments from the signed contracts, I got involved to file foreclosure proceedings.  After obtaining a deed in lieu of foreclosure with eight months now of unpaid contract payments and properties all in no completed work or signs of rehab work being done, we went to work.  At least even in this economy we could save the complete loss that these investors were heading for.  Imagine losing your entire value of retirement funds worked for many years due to trusting the wrong salesman and having no point of reference in life experience yourself to help yourself recover. 
In a few short months we were able to rehab, sell, rent, and complete two lease options for full value with qualified down payments and good tenants.  These properties were a mess but thankfully the investors came to us in time for turnaround.  Turning around a bad situation is our specialty. 
Now the cash flow is replenishing the lost IRA funds with interest payments and the debt is covered with the turnaround.
Services Detail
Property Management:
Our experience will take investors to a new level of operations, review the problems we can solve right away upon turn over to increase your bottom line.
Let us share with you investor mistake's found over the last several years.
Costly Mistake # 1 -Allowing a property to sit vacant for 3, 5, or even 7 months,    hoping for a good tenant to come along.
IF your property is sitting vacant for more than a month, there is at least one thing WRONG that must be fixed, NEVER found an exception.
Costly Mistake # 2 -Your Property Manager is not responsive or has un-professional employees answering the phone to people calling about renting your property.
Sometimes people call in the evening, early morning, who likes to talk to a machine?
We arrange a showing right away while the lead is hot and qualify tenant by phone now.  We are professional and do not employ any person not equipped to provide good old fashion customer service.  Sadly, we find that rare in Florida.
Costly Mistake # 3 –You are Falling prey to unscrupulous or in-efficient repairmen.
Oh I could spend all day here.  This is a job for a professional in construction.  Daniel has been working construction his entire career and knows how to get the best job done at the best price possible.  He is a hands on Construction & Maintenance manager that takes no excuses for anything less then perfect.
Costly Mistake # 4 –Your Property Manager Doesn’t Own Any Rental Properties, and therefore, doesn’t share your perspective.  We are investors and owners, we treat your property as it is our own property.  Many of our clients enjoy a joint venture arrangement where we are the working partners and manage all the headaches while they just get a check in the mail or direct deposit in the bank.  Nice for them to be making profit and increasing cash flow with freedom to enjoy life.
Another addition we have made when requested is, as we Manage and Improve your property, we also keep it listed for sale, if the right investor comes along with a full price or great offer, we are ready to close the deal for you.  Our focus is on Management and Improvement of properties with increasing cash flow, but we don't want you to miss an opportunity to sell for a good price if that is an option you are looking for.
Costly Mistake # 5 - Not Working with Someone with a Systematic Process for attracting a “constant” stream of quality tenants.
We use all free media online for advertising to save on expense dollars, and reach out to colleges close by properties and businesses to get qualified tenants continually. We also have used systems of bond purchase for deposits if we have a qualified tenant that needs this move in service.  Investors enjoy the security of their deposits here.
Costly Mistake # 6 -You hired a Realtor, who sells homes for a living, rather than a Property Management Specialist.
Even in this economy, most realtor's don't have the experience or want to for property management.  It is a headache for them that seems there is not enough money to make it worth the effort. 
As stated before, our focus is managing and improving the property.  Creating a functional, effective community environment for all tenants.  We do a newsletter monthly for each community to reach out and keep in touch with all that is going on.  Our responses have been nothing but thankful from our tenants.  Many of our new tenant leads come from referrals of happy tenants.
Costly Mistake # 7 -Paying Unnecessary Fees to your Property Manager
Our team experience is un-matched with our ability to reduce expenses and increase cash flow.  No set up, bring you on, figure you out fees.  Any charges are verified by services rendered, no exceptions.
Costly Mistake # 8- Paying too much on Property Taxes/Personal Taxes and Utilities.
Our Financial Service systems will evaluate all cost saving opportunities, from RE tax, Business Tax, Corporate Tax, Sales Tax, and Late Filing Fees.  We take advantage of all on time filing credits and discounts for each owner's best interest.  All returns are filed electronically for savings on the bottom line.  No sitting waiting for an outside accounting firm to get around to your work, it is done on-site, on time, and at the best rate.
Our consultations will include review of all tax saving opportunities and audit of all billing from utilities.  Let us show you where the money is not working for you !
Tax Bill Administration:
Serving our clients with the highest standards
EXPERIENCE Local property tax professionals with decades of valuation experience
KNOWLEDGE Represent property in all of Florida, including all local tax jurisdictions
FOCUS Single-source provider of tax services
Your source for information on property tax issues
The clear choice of businesses seeking a world-class leader for their state and local tax services, setting the standard by which all others are measured.Our Tax Bill Payment Service is comprised of two separate features:Secure, Audit and Transmit, and Electronic Filing. Together they create a complete end-to-end solution to tax bill administration.
Tax Bill Payment Service Features Secure, Audit and Transmit our turnkey service begins with the data collection process, securing the bills from the collectors, ensuring the accuracy, and summarizing the payment details in a report, or transmittal package.
Our Electronic Filing Service provides end-to-end turnkey service to tax bill administration and incorporates the following features:Transactions - All reports must flow from our secure, audit, and transmittal system.
Complete & accurate inventory of all tax liability
All bills associated with a property name, not just account numbers
Instant access to the status of an account payment
Detailed audit information
Comprehensive transaction and management reporting
Access your information anywhere anytime via online web-enabled information portal
SECURE - Our first job is to physically acquire tax bills, giving us a complete inventory of all properties covered by our service.
Our automated system then monitors and controls all requests and receipt of your tax bills.
AUDIT - We perform a 32-point audit on each tax bill to validate ownership,value, rate, taxes and other essential components.
TRANSMIT - We prepare a consolidated report detailing each account number, value, rate, tax and due date.
MAXIMIZED CASH FLOW — Our system identifies available discount and installment options for each jurisdiction providing you the opportunity to reduce your overall tax liability.
REDUCED ADMINISTRATIVE TIME AND COSTS — Our fully automated service is the key to simplified tax administration. Economies of scale and proprietary technology often mean our experienced professionals can handle these duties more cost effectively than you can in-house.
SIMPLIFIED ACCOUNTING — We provide custom-designed data files for input into your accounting system thus eliminating manual data entry.
COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING — reporting protocol documents all tax payments and establishes a definitive audit trail for each transaction to satisfy both internal auditors and collecting jurisdictions.
INCREASED EFFICIENCY — State-of-the-art technology, controlled disbursement and comprehensive reporting ensures that all details of your tax payment program are handled accurately and efficiently.  Our tax bill system uses advanced technology to support the tracking, audit and timely transmittal of tax bills. We record each payment by account number and provide this information via data file, list,individual statement, or through our Internet site. We fully document each phase of your tax bill payment so you have a definitive audit trail. We customize all transactions so they can quickly input into your system . Check registers, check detail reports and exception reports ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on the tax status of each property.
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